Why Consign with Us:

  • You get to SHOP EARLY and browse over 45,000 high-quality new & gently used children’s items.
  • You get to use the BEST consignment software to make tagging quick and easy.  No more stickers and writing on index cards. Just type in the details, print your tags & attach. EASY!
  • You can EARN up to 75% and receive $10 Registration fee refund!
  • You can SEE what $ you made at the end of each sale day.
  • You get PAID fast by PayPal within 10 days of sale end. 
  • You will SELL more items at a smaller, quality focused event.
  • You will have FUN by joining our “Twice-a-Year Picky Chick Family!”

Consignor Incentives & Payouts

  • 0 shift – 60% and shop Pre-Sale at 3pm
  • 1 shift –   70% and shop Pre-Sale at 2pm 
  • 2 shifts – 70% and shop Pre-Sale at 1pm
  • 3 shifts – 70% and shop Pre-Sale at 12pm plus $5 fee refund
  • 4 shifts – 75% and shop Pre-Sale at 11am plus $10 fee refund PLUS
    shop Half Off Pre-Sale on Friday Night & be entered to win 100% commission. 

See shopping times on the Consignor Pre-Sale page


We accept 300 consignors on a first-come, first-served basis. The first 250 registered consignors are “regular” consignors. The next 50 registered consignors are “restock” consignors.

*Remember that your spot is not guaranteed until your registration fee is received!*


The difference between a Restock and Regular Consignor:

  • Restock Consignors are those who register after the 250 regular consignor limit has been met.
  • Restock Consignors get more time to enter their items online.
  • Restock Consignors get more time to prepare items and can drop off items as late as Friday am of sale week.  
  • Restock Consignors have different item limits than Regular Consignors.   See the Accepted Items & Limits page.   
  • Restock Consignors’ items go on the floor after the Pre-Sale to restock our racks.  We have volunteers who constantly restock racks throughout the day and depending on inventory levels, some restock items go out prior to the Pre-Sale.  

Restock Consignors sell just as much as our Regular Consignors!  Really, they do!  Price your items right & they WILL sell.    

If Regular Consignors drop out, Restock consignors are notified (in order of registration) and given the option to switch to a Regular Consignor. Restock Consignors enjoy the same earnings percentages, Pre-Sale shop times and volunteer perks as Regular Consignors.

Shoppers LOVE that we RESTOCK, many come back every day to see what is new!  Our shoppers know that no matter what day they shop, we will have fresh deals on the floor.

Restock:  One more thing that sets us apart from other sales!