Accepted Items & Limits

Remember, We are The PICKY Chick…..Please only bring your best.

Pick-y:  /ˈpikē/    (adj)  meticulous, choosy, attention to detail, careful about choosing or accepting things.

Please don’t be offended if an item is rejected…. we all miss things in the rush to get everything prepared.

We are a seasonal sale. This means we only accept spring/summer items for the SPRING event & fall/winter items for the FALL event.


Item Limits

Regular Consignors
350 items MAX
250 regular/100 restock

Restock Consignors
200 items MAX

Regular Consignors
15 Item Minimum
15 items to participate

Restock Consignors
15 Item Minimum


Regular Consignors
20 Pair Shoe Limit
10 regular/10 restock

Restock Consignors
10 Pair Shoe Limit

Regular Consignors
20 Book Limit
20 books/bundles

Restock Consignors
20 books/bundles

Accepted Items

  • BOY CLOTHING: Preemie to size 18/20
  • YOUNG MEN’S CLOTHING:  Up to size XXL and 38 waist
  • GIRL CLOTHING: Preemie to size 18/20
  • JUNIORS CLOTHING:  Up to size XXL, size 17 and 36 waist, See ACCEPTED JUNIOR NAME BRANDS below
  • SHOES up to size 12
  • BABY ACCESSORIES: Diaper bags (not freebies from hospital), bibs, hats, shoes, socks, carriers, receiving blankets, swaddlers, bottles (remove used nipples), feeding & bathing equipment
  • BABY EQUIPMENT: High chairs, pack & plays, strollers, swings, bouncy seats, excersaucers, jumparoos, walkers, etc
  • NURSERY FURNITURE: Cribs (must meet 2011 Child Safety Standards manufactured post 6/28/2011) changing tables, rocking chairs, toy boxes, desks, toddler beds, twin beds, children’s furniture
  • BEDDING: Infant or toddler size only, crib sheets, sheets for pack n plays, bassinet, toddler bed. (No crib bedding sets)
    *Spring 2019- we no longer accept twin or full bedding
  • LARGE TOYS: play kitchens, table w/chair sets, sandboxes, slides, play houses
  • RIDING TOYS: Power Wheels, bikes, wagons, tricycles, scooters
  • ANYTHING LITTLE TIKES, STEP 2 or similar climbing structures and slides
  • PLUSH ANIMALS: ONLY Build-a-Bear or similar animals that use clothing and ONLY stuffed animals that “do something”- sing, dance, make sounds
  • DVD’s (G, PG and PG-13 Only), CD’s (no explicit lyrics), books (We recommend Imagination Library books be donated vs. selling them), parenting books, puzzles, board games, video games
  • Ipod, Ipad, Wii, Xbox 360 or newer, Nintendo, Play Station, Leapster, etc
  • All TOYS: infant, toddler, preschool, big kid. Must have working batteries.
  • LEARNING MATERIALS: Home school curriculum, unmarked workbooks, manipulatives,
  • PRETEND PLAY: “Dress-up” clothing & accessories, costumes (Halloween specific costumes only in Fall)
  • ALL SPORTS EQUIPMENT: Attire, equipment and accessories for dance, gymnastics, tumbling, cheer, twirl attire & accessories. Baseball, T-ball, basketball, soccer, football, swim, skate, skateboarding, (snowboarding/skis in Fall Sale)

Unaccepted Items

  • NO worn under clothing.  (New/unopened under clothing & sports bras in excellent condition OK).
  • NO stains, tears, excessive wear or out-of-date clothing
  • NO Adult style clothing or shoes.
  • NO maternity clothing
  • NO Adult themed books (romance novels, thrillers). Parenting books OK.
  • NO Stuffed animals (Build-a-Bear and plush toys that “do something” are OK)
  • NO Pillow Pets
  • NO VHS tapes
  • NO R rated movies.  We accept G, PG and PG-13.
  • NO “Original Xbox” games or consoles.  Must be 360 or newer.
  • NO Car seats or boosters unless new in box.
  • NO bottles with used nipples or sippy cups (can be sold without nipple/mouth piece if replacements are available),
  • NO breast pumps unless new in box
  • NO Potty Seats
  • NO Crib Bedding Sets or Mattresses (any size)
  • NO Bedding other than Infant or Toddler size. (No twin, double, etc)
  • NO Free/Hospital Diaper Bags
  • NO Infant Formula, baby food or other edible items
  • NO room decor, art/wall hangings, lamps, rugs, knick-knacks, frames. Furniture is OK
  • NO SMOKE ODOR, PET HAIR OR PET ODOR. If you smoke in your home, your items need to be freshly laundered with fabric softener to remove any odor.

Boutique & Designer Brands

  • Make it easy for shoppers to spot by securing ribbon on the neck of hanger.
  • Curling ribbon works best. Secure with a piece of tape so doesn’t fall off.
  • Use ribbon on brands like Matilda Jane, J Crew, Brooks Brothers, Persnickety, Burberry, Free People, Joe’s Jeans.
  • We love Gymboree, Gap, Ralph Lauren and the like but they aren’t considered boutique.

Juniors & Young Men's Clothing

  • We accept Juniors sizes up to size XXL / size 17 / 36 waist
  • We accept Young Men’s sizes up to size XXL /  38 waist
  • We accept Shoes up to size 12
  • Due to limited space, we only accept the most popular brands in Junior Girls- see list below.  The accepted brand list is a guide – not an exhaustive list of EVERY single desirable brand.  Just ask if you’re not sure – email me or ask in our FB group for consignors.
  • We are lenient on Young Men’s clothing brands – we have the space for them.  The focus is more on current style vs. brand.
  • REMEMBER, we accept ALL brands of children’s clothing.  Only Junior Girls sizes are brand specific.

Sports Clothing
Brands we LIKE:

  • Adidas
  • Columbia
  • Converse
  • Jordan
  • Lululemon
  • Nike
  • North Face
  • Patagonia
  • Under Armour
  • All College/NBA/NFL, etc apparel

Casual Clothing
Brands we LIKE:

  • Abercrombie, Aeropostale
  • American Eagle, Hollister
  • PacSun, Roxy
  • Ralph Lauren, J Crew, Gap
  • Victoria’s Secret/PINK
  • True Religion, Free People
  • Forever 21, Old Navy
  • Urban Outfitters, H&M
  • Vineyard Vines
  • Levi’s
  • Boutique Brands like Altar’d State, Folly, Hot Southern Mess, Josie’s, etc.

Brands Not Accepted
Brands we Don’t Take for JR’s:

  • Target, WalMart
  • KMart
  • Rue 21
  • Charlotte Russe
  • No Women’s Brands:
  • Apt 9, Sonoma
  • Jessica Howard
  • St John’s Bay
  • Kim Rogers, Ruby Rd
  • Chaps, Nine West

Exceptions - for FALL SALE

• baby onesies worn under clothing or in dark/Fall colors.
• pajama sets with long bottoms in dark/Fall colors. No spring themes.
• polo, button ups, sweaters and T-shirts in dark or Fall colors are accepted.
• shirts with Valentine’s Day or St Patrick’s Day themes.
• name brand shirts in dark/Fall colors. Abercrombie, Hollister, etc.
• sports shirts such as Nike, Under Armour, etc.
• shirts/jerseys that have College or Professional Sports Teams.

• Keens & Chacos are accepted year round. No spring colors.
• White toddler walking shoes are accepted. NO other white shoes.

• Khaki or Navy Uniform shorts/skorts
• Athletic Shorts
• Thick corduroy and wool shorts
• Capri- denim only

Exceptions - for SPRING SALE

• light-weight infant layette
• shirts that are light weight fabric and/or spring colored
• sweaters that are light weight such as sweaters worn for Easter
• light-weight jackets, wind breakers & rain coats

• Cowboy Boots
• “On trend” short boots