New for Spring 2021

We strive to make each event BETTER than the last!

New procedures and policies for the current event can be found here, BUT please also review our Consignor Information pages each season before you prepare for our event!
~As of Spring 2017, we only accept clothing on wire hangers – see info below. 

What’s New for Spring 2021?

The commitment continues as we monitor the situation around Coronavirus/COVID-19. This situation is evolving each day as we learn more information. Please be assured, we are closely monitoring guidance from the CDC, federal, state and local health authorities to ensure that we are taking necessary actions to protect everyone involved. There is nothing more important than the safety of our consignors and shoppers.

We want to give everyone an update on the Spring sale. The Expo Center is allowing us more space to practice social distancing while our costumers shop. Our aisles will be 15 feet apart and we will have arrows on the floor indicating the proper flow of traffic. There will be 6 feet markings for our checkout line and the line outside the building. At this time, everyone is required to wear a mask while in the city of Knoxville. We have added more days to the sale to accommodate the mandated guidelines.

The registration fee has increased to 20.00.
In the past we have refunded partial registration fees for volunteers working 3 or 4 shifts, but this will not be offered going forward. (bigger space, more expenses)

The schedule will be as follows:

Saturday, August 22 8:00am to 2pm, Set Up
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Feb. 21, 22, 23 accepting drop offs from 8:30 to 7:30
Wednesday, Feb. 24
10am – 8pm — 4 shift team members (also Fri, Feb.24th at 5pm for 1/2 price sale)
11am – 8pm —3 shift team members
12pm – 8pm —2 shift team members
1pm – 8pm —1 shift team members
2pm – 8pm —0 shift team members
3pm – 8pm —New Moms
4pm – 8pm— VIP tickets (New this sale, we are giving every team member, 2 VIP tickets to share with friends)
6pm-8pm —Charity Sale
Thursday, August 27
10am – 8pm—Open to the public
Friday, August 28
10am – 8pm—Open to the public
5pm- 8pm —4 shift team members shop 1/2 price items
6pm – 8pm—all consignors and 2 friend can shop 1/2 price sale
Saturday, August 29
9am – 3pm—Open to public for 1/2 price
3pm – 10pm—sort, tear down and clean up
7pm – 8:30pm—Pick Up unsold items

**We will provide canned drinks, bottled water, packaged chips and candy in the team member room. If you are planning on being at the Expo Center, for a longer period of time, please plan on bringing a “brown bag” meal for yourself, as we are following specified guidelines.

**Ikea bags will not be provided at this sale due to Covid-19 guidelines, be sure to bring a bag or two to hold all of your items.

These are unprecedented times. Please know that the Picky Chick takes its responsibilities very seriously to provide you with safe and reliable shopping. We are there for you. Be safe, stay healthy and thank you for being part of the Picky Chick family. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me

With kind regards, Michelle Lee    

Consignor earnings will be deposited in your PayPal account within 2 weeks of sale end date.  Previously, this was 10 days.  

What’s New for Spring 2020?

Please note the registration fee refunds have changed as outlined below.

0 shift = 60% shop at 3pm
1 shift = 70% shop at 2pm
2 shifts = 70% shop at 1pm
3 shifts = 70% shop at Noon    $5 fee refund
4 shifts = 75% shop at 11am    $10 fee refund + shop 1/2 OFF Pre-Sale + entered to win 100% commission

What’s New for Fall 2019?

    • Junior Girls clothing is now limited to 100 clothing items MAX per consignor.  For Regular Consignors- your first 50 pieces will go on the floor as regular inventory and up to another 50 pieces will be restock inventory.
    • Please see our new & concise brand name list on our ACCEPTED ITEMS & LIMITS page.  We want to stock our racks with the most desirable items for our Picky Teen Girls!  and with the limited amount of space we have for Junior Girls – we only want the best!
    • Penalty for excessive unacceptable items – It is your responsibility to read the guidelines on our website & check your items for stains/flaws thoroughly.  At drop off, we check items for quality and any unacceptable items will be returned to you.  (You have the opportunity to remove stain/fix the problem and drop the item(s) back by without a drop off appointment).  *** We continue to “spot check” racks throughout the sale week for items that may have slipped past the check in process described aboveIF we find more than 3 unacceptable items after your initial drop off – you will be charged $1 per item and the amount will be deducted from your earnings.
      Think about it – our name is THE PICKY CHICK!  We have a reputation to uphold & would never want our customers to regret shopping with us.
    • Penalty for excessive “bad tags” – It is your responsibility to print tags with clear bar codes, cut tags without cutting off part of the bar code & not to apply tape over the bar code or bottom of the tag.  When tags are printed & secured properly – our cashiers are QUICK & lines are short.  When tags don’t scan, cashiers have to enter tiny numbers, decimals & dashes manually.  THIS SLOWS US DOWN, creates longer lines & causes typing errors that cost you money because the item isn’t credited to your account.  IF you have more than 5 manually entered tags – you will be charged .50 per item and the amount will be deducted from your earnings.  We want our shoppers to enjoy shopping with us & be impressed by how fast & smooth check out was as they walk out the door!

What’s New for Spring 2019?

  • We will no longer accept bedding other than infant or toddler bed sizes.
  • Pre-Sale shopping times have moved up an hour earlier!  Details here.

What’s New for Spring 2018?

  • We will no longer accept Xbox games for the original Xbox.  Must be Xbox 360 or newer.

 What’s New for Fall 2017?

  • No NEW procedures this sale!  If you didn’t consign with us in the Spring, READ BELOW!!

What’s New for Spring 2017?

  • Clothing MUST be on wire hangers!  Please use the appropriate size for your items, don’t stretch out/ruin an item just to get it on a hanger!
  • Need hangers in bulk?  Check out this local supplier: FabriClean Supply/Phenix Supply on 4123 Appalachian Way, Knoxville 865-689-1221.   They have all sizes.  Here’s their website: FabriClean Supply

WE DO STILL ACCEPT CLIP PANTS HANGERS!!  We LOVE clip pant hangers & will always accept pants, shorts, jeans, skirts and light blankets on pant hangers.




What’s New for Fall 2016?

  • Restock Consignors may bring a maximum of 200 items.
  • We are transitioning to ALL wire hangers.  This will be the last sale to use plastic hangers.  Wire hangers take up MUCH LESS rack space.
  • Registration fees must be paid with PayPal.  You will be prompted to pay during the registration process on our website.  We will NO longer accept checks for registration fees.
  • Important:  We no longer mail earnings checks.
    Earnings will be sent via PayPal to the EMAIL address on your MYCM consignor account.  If your PayPal account has a different email address: 1. Add your MYCM consignor email as a secondary email address via PayPal settings.  2.  Confirm both addresses with PayPal.
  • Earnings will be sent via PayPal within 10 days of sale end.  You will not incur a fee.
  • Do this in ADVANCE to ensure QUICK access to your earnings:
    • Link your PayPal account to your bank.  Once your earnings are deposited, you can transfer to your bank account.
    • Order a PayPal debit card.  Use  the card to access your earnings.
    • Or just use your PayPal account to pay for purchases online, etc!

New Spring 2016 – Pre-Sale Shopping Policies:

  • Strollers will NOT be permitted during the Pre-Sale.
  • Children under the age of 10 may not attend the Pre-Sale unless an infant being “worn”.
  • All children & strollers are permitted during the public sale.  Umbrella strollers are preferred due to tight aisles.

New Spring 2016 – Item Limits:

  • Regular consignors – 350 items max – 250 items go out immediately + 100 items for restock
  • Restock consignors – 250 items max

New Spring 2016 – Mattresses will no longer be accepted.