Consignor Pre-Sale

By consigning with The Picky Chick,  you can get first dibs on GREAT DEALS at our by shopping on the Wednesday BEFORE we open to the public.  Shopping times are staggered based on the number of volunteer shifts worked. Find out more about Volunteering here.

Pre-Sale passes will be issued during your Drop Off time.  If you are dropping off your items AFTER the Pre-Sale, make arrangements to pick up your Pre-Sale pass earlier in the week.

Consignor Pre-Sale -Wed., Feb. 24, 2021 

  • 0 shifts – 2pm-8pm
  • 1 shift   – 1pm-8pm
  • 2 shifts –  12pm-8pm
  • 3 shifts – 11am-8pm
  • 4 shifts – 10am-8pm
  • Shift Leaders – 9am-8pm

If you are unable to shop the Pre-Sale, consider letting a friend have your Pre-Sale pass!

Consignor Pre-Sale Policies:  Pre-Sale passes are transferable, anyone can use your pass.  ½ Off Pre-Sale passes are not transferable, they can only be used by the Volunteer that worked 4 shifts.  

Consignor Pre-Sale Tips: We accept Cash, MC, VISA & DISCOVER. NO CHECKS. Bring a tote bag! Make a prioritized list of needed items/sizes & shop in that order.  We do our best to keep check out lines short, but at peak times be prepared to wait at least 30 minutes.