Drop Off & Pick Up


Schedule your Drop Off appointment online to drop off your items at the EXPO Center. Simply log into your seller account & click on the DROP OFF tab to select a time.

When you arrive:

  1. Appointments “on the hour” (9:00), enter at STATION #1
    Appointments “on the 1/2 hour” (9:30), enter at STATION #2
    Park close to the entrance if space allows.
  2. Find out where to place your items.  Carts & rolling racks available.
  3. After unloading, move your car to the parking lot.
  4. Go to the wait area to receive your Pre-Sale Pass and other information.  Wait to be called after your items have been quality checked.  Unaccepted items will be returned to you.  If you can repair/remove stain, you can bring it back.

Make your Check In FAST:

  • Rubber band/group items by gender and size.
  • Don’t waste time by tagging unaccepted items.  Read the Accepted Item list.
  • Regular Consignors – If you also have restock items – group them SEPARATE from regular items.

OUR GOAL is to complete Check Ins in 20-30 MINUTES (200 items or less).  Tell the Wait Area volunteer, if your wait exceeds this time.

What is Drop & Go?

You may drop off your items WITHOUT an appointment and NO WAITING during specific times if you meet the following criteria:
1.  You have consigned with us for at least 2 sales
2.  All of your items are marked DONATE
3.  You have 150 items or less

If you meet the above criteria, go here to see the available times for Drop & Go.

How do I Drop & Go?

  • Arrive during the specified time and pull up to the designated “Drop & Go” entrance.
  • Come inside, sign in & get a rack to bring your items in on.
  • Receive your Pre-Sale pass & GO!  No waiting!


Our goal is that ALL of your items are sorted & ready for easy pick up on Saturday – the last day of the sale.  However, this is not a guarantee.   If we are unable to complete sorting, you may be asked to locate your items.  Unsold items must be claimed between 7pm-8:30pm SHARP on Saturday.

When you arrive:

  1.  CHECK IN – at the Pick Up station.  Know your Consignor #.
  2.  WAIT – a volunteer will take you to your items.
  3.  CHECK – every item in your stack.  Make sure there are no “mis-sorts” in your stack.
  4.  CHECK – the OOPS! area for unacceptable items.
  5.  CHECK – the LOST TAG area for items with no tag.
  6.  SIGN OUT – and wait while we re-check your items for “mis-sorts.”
  7.  DROP OFF – any unwanted items in the Donate area.

Unclaimed items are donated to our Charity Partners – Knox County Schools Clothing Closet, Powell UMC Clothing Ministry and others.