How to Price & Prep Your Items


The general rule of thumb for consignment sale pricing is 25% to 30% of retail.  There are exceptions though, such as high demand and boutique items can go for 50-75%.


$2 Minimum

Our minimum price is $2.00.  You can put 2 or more items together to meet the minimum price.


50% Off Day

Consignment shopping is ALL ABOUT THE DEALS!  Price reasonably and mark your items for 1/2 price on Saturday.  Your goal is to SELL, not take items back home!


Check your clothing for flaws, tears, broken zippers, missing buttons, stains or holes.

Hang items on hangers facing left.  The hanger should look like a question mark (?).  See image below.

img_8401**Beginning Spring 2017 we will only accept wire hangers!** BUT we do still accept clip pant hangers, any style.  Use these for pants, jeans, shorts, skirts, light weight baby blankets or slings.

This will save a LOT of precious rack space!  As we transition to wire hangers, Please be smart about how you hang your clothing.  Don’t stretch out infant clothing on an adult hanger.

Give the hanger a good shake to make sure your item doesn’t fall in the floor at the sale.

Here’s a FUN video made by my girls, “How to Hang the Picky Chick Way!”

PIN PANTS to the TOP (neck) of the hanger, NOT the horizontal bar.  Pants that slide all over the hanger will end up in the floor.

Pin tags on the right side of clothing and place the safety pin through the area of the tag that says

Here’s another helpful video from The Little Red Hen Consignment Tagging Service for the correct way to hang sets, pants and attach tags.

On delicate fabrics, pin on the tag inside the clothing or another area that will not cause damage.

Tagging guns can RUIN clothing if not used properly.  Attach tags at the seam or manufacturer tag as shown.

tagging gun do's and dont's

Draw attention to BOUTIQUE and DESIGNER CLOTHING by tying any color curling ribbon on the neck of  the hanger.
Matilda Jane, J Crew, Brooks Brothers, Persnickety, Burberry and Joe’s Jeans are examples of Boutique and Designer brands.  Brands like Gymboree, Polo and Northface and very desirable but NOT considered boutique.

***Smoke, pet or musty odor is unacceptable.  If you smoke in your home or store items in the basement, your clothes need to be freshly laundered and pet hair free.

Tagging System Login


Shoes must be SUPER CLEAN!

Keep shoe mates together with zip ties.  Soft infant shoes can be safety pinned together.
ONLY use zip lock bags if there is NO possible way to zip tie them.
Secure your tags well, they are easily lost when children are trying on.

zip tied converse

Toys and Misc.


Use packing tape NOT scotch tape to secure tags to toys and equipment.

Battery operated toys must have working batteries.

Gather loose pieces in a zip lock bag and attach securely to the main toy.  Tape the bag shut with packing tape so pieces don’t get lost.

toy with pieces attached
DON’T tape over bar codes!  Our scanners are unable to read taped over bar codes.  If cashiers have to manually enter tags, mistakes can be made that result with you NOT being paid for the item.

Don’t use tape on surfaces that can be damaged when removing tape.  Examples:  puzzles, game boxes, books, toys with sticker graphics