New Mom Pre-Sale

New Moms  Pre-Sale
Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020   1pm-8pm

The first 250 registered New Moms are invited to attend our New Moms Pre-Sale.  Once registration is complete, you will receive an email confirmation. Print the email, it will serve as your entry ticket.  If you need assistance, you may bring a spouse/parent/helper age 10 and up.  

New Moms Pre-Sale Registration opens on Sun, July 19, 2020 at 3pm.

** Registration links will  not be active until the date above **

IMPORTANT:  Strollers, wagons and children under 10 are not permitted during Pre-Sales, unless the infant can be “worn”.  Strollers, moderate sized wagons & all ages of children are permitted during PUBLIC Sale hours. 

“New Moms” are defined as: expecting, delivered or adopted a child in the last 12 months. Children adopted in last 12 months DO NOT have to be infants.

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New Mom Pre-Sale Policies: Strollers and children under 10 are not permitted unless an infant that can be “worn.”  New Moms may bring 1 spouse or parent if assistance is needed.  New Mom Pre-Sale passes are non-transferable.
New Mom Pre-Sale Tips: We accept Cash, MC, VISA & DISCOVER. NO CHECKS. Bring a tote bag! Make a prioritized list of needed items/ sizes & shop in that order.  We do our best to keep check out lines short, however; be prepared to wait at least 30 minutes during peak times.