Picky Chick Volunteers have FUN!

  • Our shifts are only 3 hours!
  • We have shifts to meet all ability levels!
  • You will meet cool people & make new friends!
  • It’s like a family reunion every season!

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Increase Your Earnings by Volunteering and SHOP even Earlier at the Pre-Sale!

  • 0 shifts =  60%     shop at 4pm
  • 1 shift =   70%       shop at 3pm
  • 2 shifts = 70%       shop at 2pm       $5 fee refund
  • 3 shifts = 70%       shop at 1pm      $10 fee refund
  • 4+ shifts = 75%    shop at Noon    $15 fee refund    +  shop After Hours 1/2 off Pre-Sale


Our Consignment Event relies solely on Volunteers. For the success of our event, it is imperative that you show up for your shift. For those who fail to show up for their shift, earnings will be reduced to 50% and future participation may not be allowed.

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